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Lazy Seal Eyebrow Powder 懒人印章眉粉

RM 43.20
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正品懒人印章眉粉防水防汗不脱色持久眉笔初学者一字眉毛画眉神器。 你只要印章一字眉毛画,就可以防水防汗不脱色特久,只需要三秒,就可以得到美眉你想要的,省时间又方便,是不是很简单,不必费神费时去烦自己有没有画错。 快快。。。时间很宝贵,可以多睡一会,让自己给美好的一天。。。。

Genuine lazy seal eyebrow powder waterproof sweat-proof non-marking durable eyebrow pencil beginner word eyebrow thrush artifact. As long as you have the eyebrow drawing on the seal, it can be waterproof, sweat-proof, and not discolored for a long time. It only takes three seconds to get the eyebrow you want. It saves time and is convenient. Draw wrong. Hurry up. . . Time is precious. You can sleep for a while and make yourself a good day. . .

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