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【Ready Stock】High Grade Yushou Salt Set Ornament 高级御守盐财运幸福水晶消磁办公室幸运摆件

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【Ready Stock】High Grade Yushou Salt Set Ornament 高级御守盐财运幸福水晶消磁办公室幸运摆件 Ratings: 0 - 0 votes

1. 御守盐消磁的最大特点是拥有正能量有保护和扩大的作用。
2. 御守盐本身就是辟邪物品所以也可以对开过光的手链消磁增加正气。
3. 御守盐拥有四款不同功效,拥有阖家幸福,桃花、金运、事业。每一款都拥有不要效果,以下功效之处,
    ~  阖家幸福 = 代表寓意家庭美好、家人幸福、身体健康、生活美满、和谐邻里关系。
    ~  桃花 = 代表寓意人际关系、人缘、爱情、友情、和谐美满。
    ~  金运 = 代表寓意财源广进、财富丰收、招财进宝、增强自信、鉴定立场。
    ~  事业 = 代表寓意前程似锦、步步高升、一帆风顺、事业有成、同事关系和睦。



#High Grade Yushou Salt Set Ornament function
1. The biggest feature of Yushuo salt demagnetization is that it has positive energy to protect and expand.
2. The Yushou salt itself is an item to ward off evil spirits, so it can also demagnetize the lighted bracelet to increase the righteousness.
3. Yushou salt has four different effects, with family happiness, peach blossom, gold luck, and career. Each one has a different effect, the following functions,
    ~ Family Happiness = Represents a beautiful family, a happy family, good health, a happy life, and harmonious neighborhood relationships.
    ~ Love Affairs = represents interpersonal relationship, popularity, love, friendship, harmony and happiness.
    ~Golden Luck = Represents a wealth of wealth, a bumper harvest, attracting wealth and treasures, enhancing self-confidence, and identifying positions.
    ~ Career = represents a bright future, rising step by step, smooth sailing, successful career, and harmonious relationship with colleagues.

#Usage of High Grade Yushou Salt Set Ornament
The High Grade Yushou Salt Set Ornament have different effects and difference. You only need to place them according to the location. For example, the High Grade Yushou Salt Set Ornament can be placed on desks or desks in the office. This can help you increase your wealth and self-confidence. Together with the royal guard salt business, it can help your business to be more successful. If a set can be put together, it strengthens all the benefits and makes you a better achiever.

Note: Buyers, upon receipt of the goods, can ask our customer staff to explain and guide how to activate the High Grade Yushou Salt Set Ornament.

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