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【Ready Stock】 Nesti Dante 60th Anniversary Gold Luxury Premium Soap 内斯蒂丹特 60周年流金溢彩美肤沐浴洁面手工香皂 250g

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【Ready Stock】 Nesti Dante 60th Anniversary Gold Luxury Premium Soap 内斯蒂丹特 60周年流金溢彩美肤沐浴洁面手工香皂 250g Ratings: 0 - 0 votes

【Buy 2 Get Free Nesti Dante Limited Edition Product】

Natural vegetable bar soap prepared with 23-carat gold leaf and the intense powdery scent of Noble Iris, the flower symbol of Florence. Limited Edition.

Sixty years ago, the young Dante boiled his first soap cauldron in Florence. To celebrate this milestone anniversary, Nesti Dante has created this precious soap in honour of Dante's early achievements. Gold, a noble material famous since ancient time as an element of longevity and energy balance is the perfect homage to their strong heritage and rich culture.

Nesti Dante is one of the few commercial producers that use the handcrafted method of saponification, their expert Soapmaker's control all the stages of the saponification process. The difference can be experienced in the quality of the soap produced which is richer and more softening.

Prepared with 23-carat gold leaf
The intense powdery scent of Noble Iris
Beautifully wrapped in thick textured paper, an inexpensive gift
Made by traditional saponification processes
Dermatologically tested. Not tested on animals
Wet hands and massage the Luxury Gold Soap to create a creamy lather, wash and rinse. Leave the soap on a dry surface after use to prolong its life.

Once opened use within 36 months.

天然植物香皂采用23克拉金箔和佛罗伦萨花卉象征Noble Iris的浓烈粉状香气制成。限量版。

六十年前,年轻的但丁在佛罗伦萨煮了他的第一个肥皂大锅。为庆祝这个里程碑式的周年纪念,Nesti Dante创造了这款珍贵的肥皂,以纪念但丁的早期成就。黄金是一种高贵的材料,自古以来就是长寿和能量平衡的元素,是对其强大遗产和丰富文化的完美致敬。

Nesti Dante是少数使用手工皂化方法的商业生产商之一,他们的专家Soapmaker控制皂化过程的所有阶段。所产生的肥皂的质量可以有所不同,这种肥皂更丰富,更柔软。

Noble Iris强烈的粉状香味


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