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Authentic Pearl Powder 正品珍珠粉 (20 Sachets/Box 袋/盒)

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Authentic Pearl Powder 正品珍珠粉 (20 Sachets/Box 袋/盒) Ratings: 0 - 0 votes

Product Name: Pearl Powder
Specification: 1g/bag
Place of Origin: Zhejiang
Efficacy and indications: soothe the nerves and relieve convulsions, clear the liver and improve eyesight, detoxify and promote muscle, moisturize and remove freckles. It is used for palpitations, insomnia, convulsive epilepsy, red eyes and pansies, sores not converging, and skin spots.
Main ingredient: pearl powder 100%
Packing specification: 1g/bag x 20bags/box
Taking method: Orally, once a day, 1 sachet each time, or as directed by a doctor

品 名:珍珠粉
规 格:1克/袋
产 地:浙江
包装规格:1克/袋 x 20袋/盒

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