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【Ready Stock】ISDG Japan Nattokinase 日本纳豆激 (Authentic Imported From Japan)

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【Ready Stock】ISDG Japan Nattokinase 日本纳豆激 (Authentic Imported From Japan) Ratings: 0 - 0 votes

Japan Nattokinase 4000FU Tablets ISDG Improves Life of Three High Thrombus Dissolving Soft Capsules (60/180 Capsules)

Function: Improve the stable regulation of blood circulation, reduce blood fat, cholesterol, soften blood vessels, counseling and health care
How to eat: Take two capsules a day with water
Ingredients list: Nattokinase
Shelf life: 720
Food additives: None
Shelf life: 48 months
Expiration date: see packaging
Production enterprises: Japanese medical food homologous
Usage: see packaging
Price unit: bottle
 Applicable people: unlimited
Applicable gender: general
Edible tips: see packaging
Brand: medical and food homology
Product dosage form: capsule
Series: Natto Life
Specification (grains/bag/ml/g): 60/180 capsules
Origin: Japan

As we get older, it seems that the most dangerous disease is heart disease, which is dangerous, high-incidence and difficult to treat. But as a long-lived nation, Japan seems to have some tricks. Later, I discovered that they love to eat fermented foods, especially natto, which is called their longevity food. Because the nattokinase contained in natto can dissolve blood clots and help lower the three levels. This natto life is because the activity of nattokinase is as high as 4000FU/g, which is very popular in Japan.

** Note: It is not recommended for those who have cardio-cerebrovascular surgery.

日本纳豆激酶 4000FU 片ISDG改善三高溶解血栓软胶囊生活(60/180粒)

配料表: 纳豆激酶    
保质期: 720      
食品添加剂: 无      
保质期: 48个月  
效期说明: 见包装
生产企业: 日本医食同源    
用法: 见包装    
计价单位: 瓶    
 适用人群: 不限    
适用性别: 通用
食用提示: 见包装      
品牌: 医食同源    
产品剂型: 胶囊    
系列: 纳豆生活    
规格(粒/袋/ml/g): 60/180粒
产地: 日本


** 注意:如果有心脑血管手术者不建议服用。

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