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【Ready Stock】Natural Blue Tiger Eye Loose Beads 天然蓝虎眼单散珠

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【Ready Stock】Natural Blue Tiger Eye Loose Beads 天然蓝虎眼单散珠 Ratings: 0 - 0 votes

Blue Tiger's Eye is also called "Eagle Eye Stone". Among them, the appearance of tiger's eye is caused by the bag contained in tiger's eye, namely blue asbestos fiber. From a perspective of tiger's eye, it can be the original transparent tiger crystal, but it can look like a A small bun and can order. Can be stubborn. Can be stubborn. , Stubbornness, rationalize it, and keep up with the trend of the times, without being shaped, and bring a positive and enterprising life and spirit of doing things.

The efficacy and function of blue tiger's eye:

1. The blue tiger eye corresponds to the wheel, the blue light corresponds to the sun wheel, and the black light corresponds to the submarine wheel, so it is helpful to the petrochemical system of people, and has a good repurification effect on the discomfort caused by overeating, so it can be deleted. feel. And it can detoxify diseases and has the characteristics of miscellaneous gas. Blue tiger eye stone enhances ability and consciousness, and has a good effect on improving joint inflexibility and osteoporosis. Blue tiger's eye can promote cell metabolism and nourish bone marrow.
2. It can inspire courage, bring determination, firm belief, and make people brave. It can make stubbornness and stubbornness reasonable, and the trend with the older generations will not be disintegrated, and bring a positive outlook on life and health consumption. The blue tiger eye also detoxifies and purifies the odor. The blue tiger's eye stone has many functions, that is, it is a composition that can be good fortune. For example, every hope in the individual's heart can also be used by the blue tiger eye stone, which is the characteristic of the blue tiger eye stone, sitting silently, meditating on the individual's hope, yes. Wearing more accessories with blue tiger's eye will help promote the development of cells and replenish the bone marrow.
3. In terms of physiological function, tiger's eye stone contains some trace elements and has a special photoelectric effect, which can be gathered during processing, absorbed into an electromagnetic field, and generated with the human body, so it may stabilize the electromagnetic field and exist for a long time. Ornaments can prevent diseases and be healthier.
4. Spiritual function. Eliminating evils and protecting safety, recruiting fortune, etc. are all the spiritual functions of tiger stone.

What are the benefits of Blue Tiger Eye:
The beads of the blue tiger eye bracelet are bright, delicate, and thorough. The beauty of the appearance has attracted many people. With the deepening of people's understanding of blue tiger eye, people pay more attention to the role of blue tiger eye.

The blue tiger's eye stone can eliminate disasters, heal successfully, and be satisfied with fortune. It is a gem with beautiful meaning. The blue tiger eye bracelet can promote determination and help, make people move forward, wise and fortune, and aim for career.

The natural blue tiger eye stone hand improves concentration and concentration, and the flexibility that can be pursued. For people who lack decisive and strong personality, the chain blue tiger eye bracelet is the best. In addition, the chain blue tiger eye stone hand is also good. The blue tiger eye sun eye bracelet, corresponding to the restoration and manipura, can purify and adjust the body to recover after overeating, and bring a healthy body. Joints and nerves, soothes and calms the nervous system of the blue halo. I have to say that Tiger Eye Stone Hand is a good companion for home and work.







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