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【Ready Stock】Natural Gold Sands Obsidian Loose Beads 天然金沙黑曜石单散珠 辟邪转运招财

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【Ready Stock】Natural Gold Sands Obsidian Loose Beads 天然金沙黑曜石单散珠 辟邪转运招财 Ratings: 0 - 0 votes

The only difference between golden obsidian and obsidian is that the "eyes" of golden obsidian are golden, the sand is surrounded by a red cloud, and the golden sand exudes from the beads, which is unusually beautiful, and it is rarer than obsidian Come more precious. If the "color eyes" of obsidian are implicit, then the "golden eyes" of obsidian are passionate and unrestrained.

  Gold obsidian is also a member of the obsidian family. Its eyes are completely different from those of obsidian. It has a golden sand-like light and emits exceptionally bright colors. And there is a distinction between binocular and monocular. Under normal circumstances, binoculars are more expensive than monocular.

The role and efficacy of gold obsidian are also obvious. One of its biggest characteristics is to attract wealth. Its black color can ward off evil spirits and dissolve negative energy, so it is suitable for the public.




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