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【Ready Stock】Natural Rose Quartz Ball Decoration 天然原石粉晶球 招桃花旺姻缘助事业转运家居风水摆件 (附送小木底座)

RM 24.00
【Ready Stock】Natural Rose Quartz Ball Decoration 天然原石粉晶球 招桃花旺姻缘助事业转运家居风水摆件 (附送小木底座) Ratings: 0 - 0 votes

材质: 天然水晶/半宝石
尺寸: 20-25mm之间【附送小木底座】





Material: Natural crystal/Semiprecious stone
Size: 20-25mm estimated 【Free Wood Base】

The efficacy and function of pink crystal
        1: The relationship between the masters of the powder crystals, enhance popularity. Displaying powder crystals in business places or places where people frequently go in and out can establish good public relations and promote business. The pink crystal exudes a gentle and attractive pink light, which can make people around you love yourself, so it has a particularly major impact on the harmony of the office and the relationship between people. Whether it is for customers, superiors, subordinates, and colleagues, the powder can bring excellent assistance and improvement effects, so that interpersonal relationships are more rounded and popular.

         2: Pink crystal is one of the very cheerful crystals. It encourages the wearer to strive for happiness in his heart, so it is very suitable for people who have strong self-control but do not feel happy, especially those who are more restrained, The pink crystal can dispel the irritability of this crowd and make the mood calm and happy.

         3: Pink crystal is a healing crystal. Its healing effect and speed are far above its other effects and also above other crystals. So when I ask, I often suggest that some souls get hurt or encounter some People in painful events wear pink crystals to soothe their hearts. This is the truest and most effective effect of pink crystals.

         4: For those who have couples, Pink Crystal can improve the relationship between you and your partner and bring you happy love life; for love trauma caused by broken love, it can reduce emotional troubles, and then enjoy love and grasp love.
         5: The pink crystal corresponds to the heart chakra. It can help the functions of the heart, lungs, immune system, lymph glands, and thymus. It is said to have a soothing function for heartache, heart disease, high blood pressure, tension, insomnia, anger, and other physiological.

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