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【Ready Stock】Natural Seraphinite Bracelet 天然绿龙晶手链

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【Ready Stock】Natural Seraphinite Bracelet 天然绿龙晶手链 Ratings: 0 - 0 votes

绿龙晶(Seraphinite [Clinochlore])是一种新发现的宝石,具有优雅纯正的绿色,间或有白色螺旋条纹状,形成一种非常独特的美丽。对应顶轮,带来慈悲、灵性与幽默,是一种温馨可人的能量。










Green Seraphinite Crystal (Seraphinite [Clinochlore]) is a newly discovered gemstone with elegant pure green, occasionally with white spiral stripes, forming a very unique beauty. Corresponding to the top round, bringing compassion, spirituality and humor, is a kind of warm and pleasant energy.

The role and efficacy of Green Seraphinite Crystal
1, help to eliminate the mystery of the brain, see the truth of the facts, do not confuse the appearance, obtain the true knowledge, and reach wisdom.

2, can eliminate bitterness, sharp teeth, and bring warmth, compassion, joy, openness, and a sense of spiritual humor.

3, Ladies wear Green Seraphinite Crystal ornaments, which will help bring noble, elegant, Yongrong extraordinary temperament, as well as compassion and tolerance.

4. After proper opening, the Green Seraphinite Crystal can make the highest spirituality and strongest spiritual power.

5, stimulate communication with others, easy to accept others, and have a positive effect on career success. Promote a relaxed mood, open your mind, accept new things and ideas that are no longer stereotyped, and add "appreciation of beauty" and rich compassion.

6, eliminate the fear of fear, bring courage, confidence, and bring people a soft personality outside.

Moral of Green Seraphinite Crystal
The gift of Green Seraphinite Crystal  is to convey pure love. Its mission is to show the selfless and pure love of God. Since the Green Seraphinite Crystal is the spokesperson of the red angel, it naturally inherits this sacred mission.

How to maintain Green Seraphinite Crystal
The green dragon crystal is spiritual. It needs degaussing after wearing for a long time to clear the energy recorded by the Green Seraphinite Crystal and keep the green dragon crystal's spirituality.

Crystals, like other jewellery, need to be placed separately to avoid scratches caused by impassable crystals.

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