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【Ready Stock】Nesti Dante Black Gold Purifying Soap Shower Cleanser 内斯蒂丹特 尊宠黑金净化香皂沐浴洁面 250g

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【Ready Stock】Nesti Dante Black Gold Purifying Soap Shower Cleanser 内斯蒂丹特 尊宠黑金净化香皂沐浴洁面 250g Ratings: 0 - 0 votes

【Buy 2 Get Free Nesti Dante Limited Edition Product】

NESTI DANTE天然肥皂源自对卓越的研究。 NESTI DANTE自1947年以来就以爱护高性能天然肥皂做好准备。这意味着要确保所有肥皂的最佳原料,以及对细节的最大关怀,彻底关注和狂热呵护。豪华黑皂已根据秘密世代相传的食谱。非洲收获的植物和树皮(如大蕉,燕麦和可可豆荚)的灰分的丰富属性深入清洁皮肤,同时增加血液循环并促进细胞更新,而不会像磨砂一样积极。乳木果油的保湿性能有助于细化细纹。



NESTI DANTE Natural Soap originates from the on ongoing research towards excellence. NESTI DANTE prepares with love and cares high performant natural soap since 1947. This means assuring the best raw materials for any soap, as well as the greatest care, thorough attention and maniacal care for details. The Luxury Black Soap has been created according to secret recipes that have been handed down through the generations. The rich properties of the ash of African harvested plants and barks such as plantain, oats and cocoa pods deeply clean the skin while increasing circulation and promoting cell renewal without being as aggressive as a scrub. Shea butter’s moisturizing properties help to thin fine lines.

This new ultra-performing beauty formulation is further enriched with exhilarating patchouli, spicy pink pepper, sensual hyacinth and fresh jasmine for an unexpectedly opulent fragrance explosion.

Japanese women love Black Soap because with its deep cleansing action takes away the dead cells leaving the skin smooth, firm and well-balanced but without being as aggressive as a scrub. So ..their delicate skin is respected and, above all, clearer and purified, which they like so much !!!

The legend narrates that the Black Soap has been brought in Italy at the time of the Romans Julius Caesar and Marco Antonio who fell both in love with majestic queen Cleopatra. Symbol of beauty, smartness, and power Cleopatra has always been associated with femininity, mystery, and seduction. She is considered one of the most fascinating women of the ancient world. She gave great importance to the care of her body; her opulent daily bathing rituals in donkey milk are well known all over the world, but only a few know what she used to do to benefit her skincare secret: she cleans her delicate skin with original Black Soap! According to philosopher Pliny the Elder, she bathed and moisturized with it to prevent wrinkles, soften the skin, and brighten her complexion.

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