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ISDG Ammonia Chondroitin & Calcium Tablets 氨糖软骨素加钙片

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ISDG Ammonia Chondroitin & Calcium Tablets 氨糖软骨素加钙片 Ratings: 0 - 0 votes

ISDG/Original authentic Japan imported ammonia chondroitin and calcium tablets 240 capsules / bag
Nowadays, there are many kinds of health care products in the market, and there are many introductions of various functions, especially calcium supplements. For this product, ISDG is the big brand first, and you can rest assured. This product is supplemented with cartilage nutrition. After 30 years of age, the bones begin to age, especially after the activity, the cartilage wear is intensified. This product is specially designed to protect the joints and increase cartilage nutrition! Sealed, safe, reliable and moisture resistant.

ISDG/原装正品日本进口氨糖软骨素加钙片 240粒/袋
现在的保健产品市场品类繁多,各种功效介绍都挺多,特别是补钙类的。对于这款产品,首先ISDG是大品牌,食用放心。这个产品补充软骨营养的,过了三十岁了,骨骼开始老化,特别是活动后软骨磨损加剧,这款产品特有氨糖养护关节,增加软骨营养! 密封好,安全,可靠,防潮性能好。

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