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【Ready Stock】Eletrical Heating Warm Sea Salt Bag for Knee physiotherapy 电热天然艾灸暖宫包膝盖理疗热敷袋盐包

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【Ready Stock】Eletrical Heating Warm Sea Salt Bag for Knee physiotherapy 电热天然艾灸暖宫包膝盖理疗热敷袋盐包 Ratings: 0 - 0 votes

Benefits of hot compress with coarse salt: can relax muscles and collaterals, activate blood circulation and remove blood stasis, dispel dampness and cold, and remove moisture in the body. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that pain is unreasonable, while back pain and leg pain are caused by blocked meridians. Naturally, it will not hurt, and the thick salt hot compress can achieve the effect of dredging the muscles and collaterals.

Fried salt hot compress is to quickly stir-fry large salt grains in an iron pan, heat it, and then put it in a bag and apply heat to the affected area to achieve the effect. This is an ancient method. At the same time, traditional Chinese medicine also prescribes external Chinese medicine to patients with bone disease or trauma. It is also heated in a wok or steamer and then applied to the affected area to achieve the purpose of getting rid of the pain. This kind of cost is low, but the heating temperature is not easy to control, and the salt needs to be poured out and put in each time it is heated, which is more troublesome.

First of all, removes the relatively cumbersome heating salt of the wok, and it can be used after about 20 minutes of directly energizing. Polaroid electric heating hot compress salt pack uses natural high-quality sea salt as the medium, and the sea salt is fully absorbed by electric heating. . Therefore, sea salt has the characteristics of slow heat dissipation and long-lasting temperature during hot compress, which can penetrate the human skin at the same time and improve the body's metabolism.

How to use:
1. Before use, turn on the power and turn on the switch, turn the thermostat to high, preheat for about 20 minutes, and start applying heat.
2. When applying hot compress, please cut off the power or adjust to a low level, and put the hot compress product on the corresponding part of the body.
3. When you stop applying heat, turn off the switch and unplug the power supply.

1. The heating process must be supervised by someone to avoid children's contact, and the heating time should not exceed 60 minutes.
2. It is strictly forbidden to cover during the heating process, and it is forbidden to heat in the bedding, so as not to forget and cause a fire.
3. It is strictly forbidden to place the hot compress salt treasure on top of leather products for heating, which will cause the leather to become discolored and deformed.






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