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Natural Food IH Grain Mill Yam Hericium Mushroom Meal Replacement 五谷磨房山药猴头菇代餐

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Natural Food IH Grain Mill Yam Hericium Mushroom Meal Replacement 五谷磨房山药猴头菇代餐 Ratings: 0 - 0 votes

山药猴头菇代餐所精配15种温养食材,食材内燕麦、魔芋、乳粉、小米、芡实、茯苓、陈皮、莲子等,精心配制,可以等到6大营养,为每日身体所需要的能量加分, 例如钙、蛋白质、钾、锌、维生素B1、及膳食纤维,再加猴头菇及山药拥有益生菌和益生元护卫有助维护肠道及膳食纤维得到正常功能。



  • 品牌名称:五谷磨房
  • 系列: 双益山药猴姑粥650g
  • 保质期:270 天
  • 净含量: 650g
  • 粉粉重量: 半月量
  • 包装方式: 包装
  • 套餐份量: 1人
  • 套餐周期: 2周
  • 食品添加剂:不添加香精色素
  • 储藏方法:阴凉干燥处密封保存
  • 产地: 中国大陆
  • 生产许可证编号:SC10742112100018

The materials used in the grain mill are all natural, and any preservatives and chemical medicines are used every day. Daily use can make you healthy, take care of your stomach and warm meals.
The Yam Mushroom Meal Replacement is made with 15 kinds of warm food ingredients, including oats, konjac, milk powder, millet, Gushi, Poria, tangerine peel, lotus seeds, etc. It is carefully prepared and can wait until 6 major nutrients for daily body needs The energy points, such as calcium, protein, potassium, zinc, vitamin B1, and dietary fiber, plus Hericium erinaceus and yam have probiotics and prebiotic guards to help maintain the normal function of the intestinal tract and dietary fiber.

How to use:
Pour 40g into a cup, then add about 250ml of hot water, milk, etc., mix well. After stirring evenly, let stand for 3 minutes, wait for the ingredients to expand and expand into porridge. (According to personal taste, honey, milk powder, etc. can be added for better taste)

  • Brand Name: Grain Mill
  • Series: Shuangyi Yam Monkey Gum Porridge 650g
  • Ingredients: oatmeal, milk powder, compound oatmeal, crystalline fructose, fructooligosaccharides, oatmeal, lotus seeds, red quinoa flakes, psyllium husk, millet, yam, yam, poria, konjac powder, hericium erinaceus powder, Orange peel powder, Lactobacillus reuteri
  • Shelf life: 270 days
  • Net content: 650g
  • Packing: packaging
  • Package size: 1 person
  • Package period: 2 weeks
  • Food additives: no added flavor and color
  • Storage method: sealed and stored in a cool and dry place
  • Place of Origin: China
  • Production license number: SC10742112100018

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