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Handmade Amethyst Dream Catcher Necklace 韩版精致手工 紫宝石捕梦网项链

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Handmade Amethyst Dream Catcher Necklace 韩版精致手工 紫宝石捕梦网项链 Ratings: 0 - 0 votes

独特的捕梦网, 源自18世纪,印第安人用它来捕获美丽的梦幻,让恶梦随清晨的阳光而消逝,他们相信夜晚的空气中充满着各种的梦幻,只有捕梦网能将梦过滤,把他们带入美丽的梦乡。

紫水晶象征着宁静安全,水晶据说是能够带来灵感和智慧,它的另一个寓意就是象征爱情,进一步说就是增进人缘及异性缘,总结起来可以用神秘、浪漫、高雅来形容它。 紫水晶神秘而浪漫,是唯一紫色系的宝石,其色泽由浅紫色到深紫色各有不同。 紫色的频率对应顶轮,有镇定安神功效,精纯、细致、绵密的能量让人如沐春风。

A unique dream catcher, from the 18th century, the Indians used it to capture beautiful dreams, let nightmares disappear with the morning sun, they believe that the night air is full of various dreams, only the dream catcher can Dream filtering, bringing them into a beautiful dream.

Amethyst is a symbol of tranquility and safety. Crystal is said to bring inspiration and wisdom. Another meaning of amethyst is to symbolize love. Further, it is to enhance the popularity and the opposite sex. Amethyst is mysterious and romantic. It is the only gemstone in the purple series. Its color varies from light purple to deep purple. The frequency of purple corresponds to the top wheel, which has the effect of calming the nerves, and the pure, delicate and dense energy makes people feel like a spring breeze.

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