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Ibailian Aromatherapy Mineral Salt Hot Pack 艾百莲香薰矿盐热敷包

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Ibailian Aromatherapy Mineral Salt Hot Pack 艾百莲香薰矿盐热敷包 Ratings: 0 - 0 votes

香薰矿盐中药系列: 矿盐类、 碧玺矿(远红外材料)、苍术、艾叶、石菖蒲、当归
Aromatherapy Mineral Salt TCM  Serial: Mine Salt, Tourmaline Mine (Far infrared materials), herb, leaves, Shichangpu, Angelica.
香薰矿盐碧玺矿系列:矿盐类、 碧玺矿(远红外材料)
Aromatherapy Mineral Mine Tourmaline Series:  Mine Salt, Tourmaline Mine (Far infrared materials),
Aromatherapy Mineral Salts Series:Odorless Mineral Salts.

产品作用/Product Function:
Parts of the body needs heat, Relax with a shooting, Warm Jiefa Role.


To get rid of product outsourcing film, put product in a microwave oven(surface water prevents proper scorched damaged bag) in a fire or high heat for 3-5 minutes fire gear (Single heat 3-5 minutes is appropriate, two heated 4-6 min 4-7 min 3-4 heating Please flexibility difference power according to the manufacturer, in order to avoid overheating of the bag burnt). can be tolerated in the body temperature is preferable, the heated heat pack pplaced discomfort site or waist, neck, knee, ironing or roller applicator push to retain 20-30 minutes.

This only applies to microwave heat pack heat, does not apply direct infrared or other electronic oven baked or heated, so as not to cause the bag to become brittle carbide fiber breakage.

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