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Kirkland Signature Optifiber Sugar Free Favor Free Gluten (200 Servings)

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【Brand】 Kirkland Signature Fiber

【Name】 Optifiber Sugar-Free Favor Free Gluten   730g

【Applicable people】 Adults, children 7 years and older, adolescents, and people who need weight loss.

Dietary fiber is important for drinking water to ensure a healthy digestive system. Kirkland Signature™ OPTIFIBER™ is a natural dietary fiber that is colorless, tasteless, sugar-free, particle-free, and super soluble.

It can almost dissolve in any daily drinks (except carbonated beverages) while supplementing fiber without affecting the taste of the drink. For example, you can infuse it into coffee, tea, juice, and any non-carbonated drinks. If you like to make some desserts, such as pudding, yogurt, oatmeal, or even jam, you can add Kirkland Signature™ OPTIFIBER™ filling fiber during the production process to satisfy the taste buds of the tongue and ensure the incorporation of too much-expected fiber.

+ Promote digestion
+ No preservatives
+No sugar
+No artificial coloring
+No artificial fragrance

【How to use】
Add 2 teaspoons (3.5g) to at least 115ml of non-carbonated beverage at a time and stir until completely dissolved.
For adults, adolescents 12 years and older, take no more than 10 teaspoons per day
For children aged 7 to 11, take no more than 6 teaspoons daily
For children 6 years and younger, please consult a doctor before taking.

1. Please keep and store away from children.
2. Pregnant and lactating women should use it with caution.
3. For those who take the drug for a long time, please consult your doctor first.
4. Store at room temperature and ensure that the bottle mouth is tightened, do not put it in the refrigerator.

【Detailed introduction】
1. Constipation: The precipitated fiber has a large volume, which can promote * intestinal peristalsis and reduce the time that food stays in the body. The water in it is not easily absorbed. Instead, the substitute fiber is fermented by bacteria in the large intestine to directly absorb the water in the fiber, which makes the stool soft and produces a laxative effect.

2. the general obese people are mostly related to the increase in caloric energy intake in food or the decrease in physical activity. Increasing the intake of fiber content in the intake will reduce the conversion into heat energy, and the digestion and absorption of nutrients in the body will also decrease, which will eventually be consumed by the adults in the body and play a role in **.

3. **Colon and rectal cancer: The occurrence of these two types of cancer is mainly related to the long stay of carcinogens in the body and long-term contact with the intestinal wall. Increasing the fiber content in the increase will relatively reduce the concentration of carcinogens, and scholars have agreed that a long-term diet based on high animal protein, coupled with insufficient fiber is an important cause of these two cancers.

4. ** hemorrhoids: The occurrence of hemorrhoids is caused by long-term blood blockage and stasis due to constipation. Due to the laxative effect of producing fiber, it can reduce the pressure around the anus, make blood flow smooth, and play the role of * * hemorrhoids.

5. reduce * low blood * lipids, ** coronary heart disease: due to certain components in the residual fiber if glue can bind cholesterol, lignin can bind bile acid, directly excreted from the feces, thereby consuming cholesterol in the body to supplement the bile Consumption of cholesterol, plasma lowers cholesterol, which has the effect of preventing coronary heart disease.

6. improve the symptoms of diabetes: supplementing the pectin in the fiber can extend the residence time of food in the intestines, reduce the rate of glucose absorption, so that blood sugar will not rise sharply after a meal, which is beneficial to the improvement of diabetes. Researchers have shown that dietary fiber has the effect of lowering blood sugar. Experiments have shown that 26 grams of edible corn bran (91.2% fiber) or soybean hulls (86.7% fiber) are added to the supplement every day. As a result, after 28-30 days, glucose tolerance improved significantly. Therefore, the long-term increase of dietary fiber in diabetes can reduce the amount of insulin required and control the metabolism after eating. It should be used as an auxiliary measure for diabetes.

7. improve the oral and dental functions: modern people have fewer and fewer opportunities to use oral muscles and teeth as food becomes more refined and softer. Therefore, more and more cases of tooth displacement and dental caries appear. The cellulose naturally increases the chance of chewing using the oral muscles and teeth. Over the long term, the oral cavity will be gradually health-care and function improved.

8. **Gallstones: The formation of gallstones is related to the high cholesterol content in bile. Due to the presence of fibers, it can be combined with inhibition to promote the secretion and circulation of bile. Therefore, the formation of gallstones can be prevented. Some people add 20-30 grams of grain fiber to the patient every day. After one month, the gallstones can be found to shrink, which is related to the smooth flow of bile.

9. breast cancer in women: According to epidemiological findings, the occurrence of breast* is associated with high feces, high sugar, high meat and low substitution fiber intake

【品牌】Kirkland Signature Optifiber 

【名称】水溶性膳食纤维蔬果 730g



膳食纤维是一种保证消化系统健康的重要饮Kirkland Signature™ OPTIFIBER™ 是一种天然水溶性膳食纤维,它的特点是无色、无味、无糖、无颗粒、超级易溶解。

它 几 乎可以溶于任何日常饮品(碳酸饮料除外)中,在补充膳食纤维的同时而完全不影响饮品的味道,例如,您可以将其溶于咖啡、茶、果汁以及任何非碳酸饮料的 饮 品中,而且无论冷热均可速溶。另外,如果您喜欢一些制作一些甜点,如布丁、酸奶、燕麦片甚至果酱,在制作过程中完全可以加入 Kirkland Signature™ OPTIFIBER™膳食纤维,及满足的舌尖味蕾又保证了充足膳食纤维的摄入。



















三、 **结肠和直*肠癌:这两种癌的发生主要与致癌物质在肠道内停留时间长,和肠壁长期接触有关。增加膳食中纤维含量,使致癌物质浓度相对降低,加上膳食纤维 有 刺激肠蠕动作用,致癌物质与肠壁接触时间大大缩短。学者一致认为,长期以高动物蛋白为主的饮食,再加上摄入纤维素不足是导致这两种癌的重要原因。



六、 改*糖尿病症状:膳食纤维中的果胶可延长食物在肠内的停留时间、降低葡萄糖的吸收速度,使进餐后血糖不会急剧上升,有利于糖尿病病情的改善。近年来,经 学 者研究表明,食物纤维具有降低血糖的功效,经实验证明,每日在膳食中加入26克食用玉米麸(含纤维91.2%)或大豆壳(含纤维86.7%)。结果 在 28—30天后,糖耐量有明显改善。因此,糖尿病膳食中长期增加食物纤维,可降低胰岛素需要量,控制进餐后的代谢,要作为糖尿病**的一种辅助措施。




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