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【Ready Stock】Metal Pendulum Set 金属灵摆套装 男女幸运之手灵摆链灵摆

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【Ready Stock】Metal Pendulum Set 金属灵摆套装 男女幸运之手灵摆链灵摆 Ratings: 0 - 0 votes

The choice of the pendulum does not mean that only the crystal pendulum can be used.
As long as you can turn other materials, you can make your pendulum.
The reason why crystal pendulums and copper pendulums have always been loved by pendulum diviners is that they have a strong magnetic field, which can improve the accuracy of divination.

Pendulum Divining
When testing and asking things, because things are abstract and not concrete, they just use the mind to adjust the magnetic field for testing. Therefore, be extra peaceful, religious, careful, and cautious during the test, and the results of the first test shall prevail, the first and the last. If the test is repeated for the second time, the temporary energy has been weakened or even disappeared, and doubts about the results of the first test will weaken its accuracy, and the result will be a "probability" result.

1. Turn clockwise, it means "yes" and "appropriate".
2. Rotate counterclockwise, which means "not" or "inappropriate".
3. Swing in a straight line means "uncertain" and requires careful observation.

If you want the crystal pendulum and the copper pendulum to achieve the maximum effect, you must use the crystal pendulum and the copper pendulum correctly. How to use the crystal pendulum and the copper pendulum? First of all, buy a new crystal pendulum and copper pendulum. The pendulum must be purified first and worn on the body for about 7 to 10 days, so that its spirituality and the breath magnetic field of our human body can communicate with each other and achieve integration, so that it can be used as much as you want, but when operating, hold the line with your hand. The distance between the position and the pendulum should not be too close or too far. Keeping around 15-30 cm is the best distance.






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