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【Ready Stock】MILENSEA Dead Sea Mineral Scrub Salt 米蓝晞死海矿物盐磨砂膏磨砂盐 (500g)

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【Ready Stock】MILENSEA Dead Sea Mineral Scrub Salt 米蓝晞死海矿物盐磨砂膏磨砂盐 (500g) Ratings: 0 - 0 votes

The Dead Sea mineral bath salt from the Israeli natural skin care brand MILENSEA Milanxi, does not contain pigments, preservatives, and artificial flavors. It is rich in 21 kinds of Dead Sea rare minerals, which supplement the minerals needed by the body. The bath salt is extracted from natural Dead Sea salt, which has the effects of anti-inflammatory and sterilization, deep cleansing, plus a variety of precious plant essential oils to nourish the skin (such as lavender, sweet almond oil, evening primrose oil, etc.), pure and natural body care.

  • Product name: Milensea Dead Sea Mineral Scrub Salt 
  • Brand: Milensea 
  • Body care items: Milensea Dead Sea Mineral Scrub Salt
  • Suitable for skin type: any skin type
  • Fragrance: Sweet Orange, Lavender
  • Efficacy: removes orange peel, exfoliates, deep cleansing, cleans pores, and chicken skin
  • Weight: 500g


1. Take a small spoonful of bath salt in the palm of your hand + body milk or shower gel,

When using a body scrub,

2. Directly on the keratinous area, take a bit of Dead Sea salt and push it to massage ☝ Focus on the area with more chicken skin, more keratin, and dull places (wrists, knees, etc.) ☝

After washing every inch of skin, it is very smooth and tender, just like going to a SPA. After washing, rub it again, and it will not come out any horny skin, 💃💃

The biggest feeling:

Dry and comfortable. Not only the chicken skin muscles have been improved, but it can also exfoliate to relieve rough and dry skin. The effect is really good. Hey~~

With shower gel, this is the method I personally prefer to use when taking a bath, and there are many other ways to use it: for example, soaking feet, adding some milk to the bath, roses, etc.

There are many ways, you can go to the official to read the introduction, I won't talk about it here.

💧Small suggestion: Use bath salt twice a week, and sweat 3 times a week in summer.

💢Note: If your body is damaged, don’t rub it. After all, the pain is just like using hydrogen peroxide. I’m afraid~~😅

However, if you have mites and acne on the chest and back, it is more recommended to use Dead Sea salt to get rid of back acne. This salt can reduce inflammation and sterilization. The 21 minerals contained in it can enter the muscle layer, nourish the skin, and improve the water-oil balance. , Super awesome👍👍


  • 产品名称: 米蓝晞死海矿物磨砂盐
  • 品牌: 米蓝晞
  • 身体护理单品: 米蓝晞死海矿物磨砂盐
  • 适合肤质: 任何肤质
  • 香味:甜橙、薰衣草
  • 功效: 去橘皮 去角质 深层清洁 清洁毛孔 去鸡皮肤
  • 重量: 500g




2、直接在角质偏多的地方,取一点死海盐推开按摩 ☝重点按摩鸡皮多、角质多、比较暗沉的地方(手腕,膝盖等)☝









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