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【Pre-Order】MILENSEA Dead Sea Minerals Sulfur Soap 米蓝希死海矿物硫磺皂抑菌除螨香皂 (125g)

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【Pre-Order】MILENSEA Dead Sea Minerals Sulfur Soap 米蓝希死海矿物硫磺皂抑菌除螨香皂 (125g) Ratings: 0 - 0 votes

Product Name: Milensea Dead Sea Minerals Sulfur Soap
Model: Dead Sea Minerals Sulfur Soap
Brand: Milensea
Origin:  Israel
Applicable Object: Universal
Function: Antibacterial、Oil Control、Cleaning
Type: Conventional Single Product
Whether to Sell in Bulk: No

The lovely name of MILENSEA’ pink post is "Mi Xiaohuang". It looks like the soap we usually use. The main raw material is a gift from the Dead Sea in Israel: a real gift of natural and pure nature.

In 1982, Israel's natural lactose was by chance. After discovering natural natural milk once, he discovered the natural natural natural milk soap formula with rich nutrients. After another 40 years of comments, it became poop. "Daily Mi Xiaohuang".

Three functions of "Mi Xiaohuang"
√ Anti-acne repair: amazing anti-acne effect, improve the prevention and prevention of acne and acne breeding

√ Double-effect mites removal: clean and clean, kill mites, prevent mites and acne, dry skin, etc.

√ Balance oil control: scalp conditioning oil balance, shrink oil and oil balance

Compared with ordinary red soap, the advantages of "Mi Xiaohuang"
~ Dead Sea natural mineral polishing: oil control cleansing, removing mites and anti-acne, promoting oil balance, 21 kinds of minerals can be absorbed and utilized by the human body. Leaves skin healthy and vigorous.

~ PH7. Skin care for ordinary physique (usually PH value is more than 9), "little yellow rice powder" weak wax does not irritate the skin.

品牌: 米兰西
是否散装: 否


死海天然硫磺是1982年以色列肥皂大王Eli Segev在一次偶然机会发现的。在发现后他投入极大精力研制出了温和天然的养肤硫磺皂配方,又经过MILENSEA将近40年的改进,便成了今天的“米小黄”。


√ 祛痘修护:出色的祛痘作用,改善和预防痘痘和粉刺滋生

√ 双效除螨:深层清洁,杀除螨虫,预防螨虫痘、肌肤瘙痒等

√ 均衡控油:调理肌肤水油平衡,收缩毛孔,令肌肤清爽滋润


~ 死海天然矿物硫磺:控油清洁、除螨抗痘、促进油脂平衡,富含21种矿物元能被人体旷宿吸收利用。令肌肤健康有活力。

~ PH7.5:不同于一般市面上的硫磺皂(通常PH值高于9),“米小黄”弱碱性配方不刺激皮肤

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