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【Ready Stock】Natural Citrine Bracelet 天然黄水晶手链 男女款招财

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There are several grades of crystals in our shop. Citrine also has chromaticity. What is chromaticity, that is, the color is dark orange and light yellow. Don’t worry, this is not an artificial crystal. First understand, the crystal itself is produced according to the terrain and environment. Yes, the dark and light colors are not listed, and the citrine we sell is imported from Brazil. We have two types with different grades, namely orange and lemon, both of which are produced in Brazil.

The highest level is from low level to high level (1-10). 10 means the higher level is approximately transparent and approximately clear. The next is 1, and 1 represents ice cracking or bursting in the crystal. Our crystals are divided into grades, you can refer to the photos, the same photos are not many with the same clarity, ice cracks and cotton cracks. However, ice cracking or bursting does not mean that the crystal is not good, but that the inner crystal is not seen through, but the effect is still the same.

Our crystal 8A is an old orange, the color is the same as an orange, and the grade 8A is perfectly clean, but there is a little cotton crack. Next is grade 6A, the color is a bit orange and lemon, mild cotton cracking and ice cracking, but it is still clear, but it is not perfect. Then there is 4A. The color is more lemon than orange, and cotton cracks and ice cracks are displayed at every moment. If the buyer is not sure, you can look at the photos provided by each crystal level.

Remember, crystal bright orange does not mean man-made, you need to understand, many customers misunderstand the color, citrine does not mean bright or light color is fake, crystals are all natural, trust us, it means you have insight, we select selection, our shop The old shop has 25 years of experience. No one does not understand crystals or buy artificial crystals. Crystals have a master, which means that the children of this shop find a happy family, for the happiness and happiness of customers, then this shop is honored to serve you.

Citrine symbolizes happiness and health, and is a famous wealth crystal. Yellow light is the manifestation of the strongest energy in the "Five Elements World". Therefore, the energy of citrine strongly corresponds to matter and wealth. It is very suitable for entrepreneurs or financial investors, and for those who like to play stocks, you can also try it. The citrine bracelet can also keep you in a good spirit. Even if you are in a low mood, as long as you have a citrine bracelet by your side, it can help you get through the period of emotional loss.

The efficacy and function of citrine:-
1. The main focus is on wealth.
2. Citrine emits yellow cosmic energy, commonly known as the stone of wealth.
3. Gentle yellow light can inject harmonious power into people's minds, strengthen aura, and make people full of confidence and joy.
4. Yellow light is the manifestation of the strongest energy in the "material world". Therefore, the energy of citrine strongly corresponds to matter and wealth.
5. Citrine combines the power of spirit and body to build and maintain a person's spiritual vitality, teach people down-to-earth, and enhance the ability to implement.
6. It can bring partial wealth and enhance the yellow light in the gas field. Yellow light can affect material life and wealth, and can create unexpected wealth. It is an indispensable treasure for business companies and businesses engaged in service business and has a reminder. The effect of wealth.
7. Citrine's main umbilical chakra has the functions of relieving tension and helping the digestive system such as the stomach. Therefore, arranging the topaz to match the financial position of your home or office can greatly enhance your wealth. The vibration frequency of its energy affects the solar plexus of human beings. It belongs to the rational body and is responsible for the fortune of wealth and can create windfalls. The energy of citrine, corresponding to the sun in the human body, is the projected sexual energy, which belongs to the sun and fire. It corresponds to the sun wheel and belongs to the intellectual body, which governs gastrointestinal functions.
8. Citrine can keep the house peaceful and drive away evil spirits. Citrine, also known as the merchant’s stone, is the main part of wealth, can prosper and gather wealth, and can help calm emotions. Stable career development, similar to the frequency of wealth, can bring wealth. It is clear-headed, meticulous, sensible, patient, and more efficient. It can also make the family gather wealth and make the body and mind healthy.

The meaning of citrine:-
Citrine, commonly known as the stone of wealth, can enhance the yellow light in the aura. Yellow light will affect material life and wealth. Therefore, placing the citrine in the home or office can greatly enhance wealth.

Crystal spirituality: Citrine, whose energy vibration frequency is in the solar plexus, is a sensible body, enhances personal self-confidence, governs gastrointestinal function, and is suitable for people with indigestion or diet imbalance.

The most important function of citrine is to gather wealth, which is the main part of wealth. Entrepreneurs, shopping malls, offices or homes put a few citrines to gather wealth.

Citrine is a symbol of wisdom and joy. It can make us full of self-confidence, reduce fear and eliminate guilt, so it has a good calming and stable effect on more neurotic people.

Citrine is also effective for the pancreas and endocrine nervous system. It is even more indispensable for people with diabetes. It can also treat swelling and gastric cramps.

Because citrine is mainly wealthy, it is an indispensable weapon for the stock family, especially the sphere, which has a more cohesive effect. In addition to the financial position at home, if you often go to the market, it is best to wear a citrine bracelet.

本店的水晶有份几款等级,黄水晶也有色度,什么是色度, 那就是颜色深橘浅到黄, 放心这不人造水晶咯,先了解先,水晶本身都是根据地形、环境而产生的,颜色深色浅也不列外,而我们所销售黄水晶来自巴西进口, 我们有两种,等级也不同,那就是橘黄和柠檬色,都是来自巴西所生产的。

怎么看等级最高就是低级到高级 (1-10),10代表越高等级约透明,约净透,接下就是1,1就代表水晶内冰裂或爆裂。我们水晶分成等级,你可以参考照片,相等照片都是产不多一样净透,冰裂及棉裂。不过冰裂或爆裂不是代表水晶不好,而是产生内晶体没有看到净透,不过功效还是一样有的。











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