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Natural Crystal Gravel Spa Energy Bottle 天然水晶碎石水疗能量杯

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如果您的目标是全面健康,这是您的选择。这种基本的,均衡的组合数百年来被用以激活水。此款水晶杯专为那些专注于健身的人而设计的!除了锻炼和均衡钦食之外,没有什么比健康钦水更好地支持积极的生活方式。将这种混合物加入您的锻炼时间表中,准备好迎接惊喜!它还能促进身体耐力,并将能量分散到全身。水晶宝石实际上拥有强大的物理特性。在古希腊和古埃及等不同文化的神圣和自然疗法实践中,水晶能量已被利用。实际上,已经存在用石英晶体的控制来维持数字钟表所需的超精确频率。它们在纳米水平上有足够的振动,从而实质上“唤醒”水,提高碱度和氧含量水平,相当于天然泉水。水晶宝石能量杯采用优质高级玻璃制成,并配有底部底座。 - 宝石仓,里面装有原生态水晶宝石水晶宝石具有储存能量的独特能力瓶内的宝石能量转移到小瓶周围的水中,提高了水的活力水平。璀璨的水晶宝石,在水中及致闪耀,使得水中富含“水晶能量”,并接近源自大自然的天然泉水。宝石棒改善水分子结构,水质更柔软,甘甜,促进新陈代谢。紫水晶舒缓心灵,玫瑰石促进安宁。粉晶是代表博爱的典型宝石。粉水晶是代表博爱的典型宝石,是一种无条件的爱,它是一颗强化心脏的石头,有助于促进柔软和容光焕发的肌肤。透明水晶清洁,舒缓,镇定和辅助精神成长。紫水晶,粉晶,紫晶的组合净化心灵,并清除消极的想法。

If your goal is comprehensive health, this is your choice. This basic, balanced combination has been used to activate water for centuries. This crystal cup is designed for those who are focused on fitness! Except for exercise and balanced eating, there is nothing better than a healthy Qin water to support an active lifestyle. Add this mixture to your workout schedule and get ready for the surprise! It also promotes physical endurance and dissipates energy throughout the body. Crystal gemstones actually have powerful physical properties. Crystal energy has been used in the practice of sacred and natural remedies in different cultures such as ancient Greece and ancient Egypt. In fact, there has been an ultra-precise frequency required to maintain the digital timepiece with the control of a quartz crystal. They have enough vibration at the nanometer level to essentially "wake up" the water, increasing the alkalinity and oxygen levels, equivalent to natural spring water. The Crystal Gem Energy Cup is made of high quality premium glass with a bottom base. - Gem bin with original crystal jewel crystal gemstones with unique ability to store energy. The energy of the gemstone in the bottle is transferred to the water around the vial, increasing the level of water vitality. The crystal jewels in the water, shining in the water, make the water rich in "crystal energy" and close to the natural spring water from nature. Gemstones improve the structure of water molecules, making water more soft, sweet, and promoting metabolism. Amethyst soothes the mind and rose stone promotes peace. Powder crystal is a typical gem representing fraternity. Pink crystal is a typical gem representing fraternity. It is an unconditional love. It is a heart-strength stone that helps to promote soft and radiant skin. Clear crystal cleans, soothes, calms and aids spiritual growth. A combination of amethyst, powder crystal, and amethyst purifies the mind and removes negative thoughts.

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