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【Ready Stock】Natural Crystal Heart Peach Heart Pendant 天然水晶心桃心形吊坠锁骨链

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【Ready Stock】Natural Crystal Heart Peach Heart Pendant 天然水晶心桃心形吊坠锁骨链 Ratings: 0 - 0 votes

Dreamy starry 💓💓💓 is it too delicate?‼ ️The super flashing blue sand pendant medium size is amazing. The size is 20 mm. ️Highly like it😍😍 Random delivery by default

The blue sandstone symbolizes bravery and perseverance, and helps to seek and gather wealth. The bright stars shining in the beautiful dark blue night sky bring courage, confidence and willpower, and increase vitality and impetus. Wearing blue sandstones can calm the mind, make people concentrate, mentally flexible, and improve concentration at work and personal learning ability. Has the effect of warding off evil spirits.

The function of Jinsha stone is that it is one of the lucky stones. It is said that its orange-red gold flakes have golden reflections and have the energy to attract fortune. It can enhance wealth and gather wealth. It can best help refresh opportunities, and it can attract invisibly. The destined noble man arrives.

The yellow tiger's eye stone symbolizes wealth and helps to attract windfall or partial wealth. It can prevent depression and psychosomatic disorders, and inspire courage, help improve cold symptoms, asthma and bronchitis, strengthen bones and joints, stabilize nerves, bring self-confidence, firmness, determination, courage, and strengthen self-discipline. It is worn by people with their own vitality, optimistic and positive attitude, and those who are in a career bottleneck.

Opal bracelet pendants can inspire inspiration, imagination, and bring breakthrough and leap-forward ideas and concepts. It is a gem for professionals and geniuses. Strengthen personal abilities and talents, have the ability to execute decisively, and be able to gather wealth and attract wealth. Allowing opals to receive more moonlight can increase the popularity of the wearer. It is gentle, soft and bright and popular.

Powder crystals are believed to have the ability to convert negative energy into positive energy. It is also called the "love stone", and it can be popular among people and help communication between people. It is related to love. It is believed to increase fertility and is a powerful energy stone for healing.

梦幻的繁星点点💓💓💓是不是太过精致呀‼️超闪的蓝沙吊坠中号惊艳来袭啦😘😘规格20毫米大小 ❤❤😱😱真的精致呢 🎀繁星点点 璀璨夺目 🌹🌹性价比真的高 ‼️极高 喜欢😍😍 默认随机发货

蓝砂石象征勇敢与坚毅,有助求财、 聚财。 美丽的深蓝色夜空中闪耀的璀璨群星,带给人勇气、信心和意志力,增加活力和冲劲。 佩带蓝沙石可镇定安神,使人集中精神,脑筋灵活,提升工作上的集中力以及个人学习能力。 具有辟邪的作用。


黄虎眼石象征财富,有助招来意外之财或偏财。能防止产生忧郁症及身心症, 并可激发人的勇气, 有助改善感冒症状、哮喘及支气管炎,加强骨骼关节、安定神经、带来自信、坚定、果断、勇气、坚持自律的心,增强自身生命力、乐观积极的心态及处于事业瓶颈的人佩戴。


粉晶被认为有将负性能量转变为正能量的能力。它也被称为“爱情石”,而且能广结人缘,有助于人与人之间的沟通。爱情有关,它被认为能增加生育能力, 治疗用极强能量之石。

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