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Natural Crystal Kyanite Bracelet 天然水晶蓝晶石手链

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5、清新思维有助于脑部的思考,通灵性,有助于清晰的思维。感受月光的美 。性格刚烈、暴躁、冲动,做事如拼命三郎型的朋友,应该佩带,以调和个性。


Wearing kyanite jewelry can help those who can't see the road and direction ahead to see the future, it can also help positive people to succeed, and it can help people who are bound by inherent ideas to get rid of fetters, and help wearers and those outdated traditions. Farewell to thought.

Efficacy and role of kyanite

1. According to legend, kyanite has the following reputation: excellent coordination stone and meditation stone, gentle and powerful conductor, high-frequency energy amplifier, and supernatural ability and intuitive stimulus. It is believed that it can implement a stable spiritual energy, promote spiritual development, and maintain a connection with the "out of the soul" soul. Kyanite can quickly align the acupuncture points with the spirit body, refine the human meridian, and restore the vitality of the body organs. Because kyanite does not retain negative energy, it does not need to be demagnetized, which is convenient for practical use. Many people believe that it is good for body, mind and spirit.

2. It helps people to express themselves and communicate. It is said to help them solve their confusion, strengthen their logical and linear thinking skills, eliminate fear, hallucinations, anger, frustrations and stress, and make them easy to accept the truth. Kyanite can keep people from worrying about karma.

3. Kyanite is a natural analgesic, which can lower blood pressure, treat fever and infection, and also has effects on diseases of the urinary and reproductive system, thyroid, parathyroid, adrenal glands, throat and brain. In addition, it can help lose weight, and it is also good for cerebellar activity and body muscles.

4. Promote the recollection of dreams, thereby enhancing the efficacy of dream treatment.

5, fresh thinking helps the brain thinking, psychic, helps clear thinking. Feel the beauty of moonlight. Strong, irritable, impulsive, friends who do things like desperate Saburo type should wear it to reconcile personality.

6, usually can drive out bad luck, enhance personal luck, and can promote intelligence, calm emotions, improve intuition, help thinking, focus, enhance memory, give people courage and strength, and can increase the vitality of brain cells and the brain Operation, for students and office workers who need to use their brain for a long time.

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