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【Ready Stock】Natural Fluorite Rough Crystal Hexagonal Prism Decoration 天然萤石原石水晶六棱柱摆件

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【Ready Stock】Natural Fluorite Rough Crystal Hexagonal Prism Decoration 天然萤石原石水晶六棱柱摆件 Ratings: 0 - 0 votes



Fluorite, also known as fluorite, is a mineral. Fluorite has the function of treating mental illness. It has a miraculous effect on headache, migraine and headache. It only needs to stay in front of the forehead for 15 minutes. It can be used as meditation and inspiration to help eliminate emotional distress, respiratory disease, heart disease and Blood circulation is also helpful.
Fluorite helps to eliminate the negative energy accumulated on the body and prevents external negative energy from invading. Especially when you feel that you are getting sick, use a large piece of fluorite to meditate, or ask someone to use fluorite to scrape the disease. Use a fluorite massage stick to massage the foot of the spring, as well as the muscles and muscles of the whole body, which can effectively relieve the pain and fatigue and quickly restore vitality. Using a small piece of stone, rubbing every chakra of the body with a counterclockwise judge can effectively clean and clean these energy centers, remove bad gas and suffocate, and effectively balance the body energy.
Wearing fluorite office, reading, and research can clear up the messy thoughts, and it is not easy to be interfered by external opinions. It can analyze, contrast, reorganize, and summarize well, which can effectively improve learning and work efficiency. It can help women effectively avoid malicious adherence and harassment (especially to avoid the occurrence of rotten peach incidents), such as the satyr in the car, the night road encounters, and office sexual harassment. Can attract the help of noble people.

For the sixth round of gems, the energy of fluorite is stable and soft, which can help alleviate the violent skin, reduce mental stress and eliminate work stress. Fluorite also has the characteristics of the sixth round of energy balance, with leadership temperament, can be guided, not affected by the world's fame and fortune, material constraints. However, the sixth round of energy deficiency is characterized by almost no self, indecisiveness, indulgence of one's inertia, no discipline, too sensitive to the feelings of others, fear of being noticed by success, and thus may lead to schizophrenia. It needs to be reinforced with purple blue gems such as fluorite and lapis lazuli.

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