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【Ready Stock】Natural Gold Meteorite Drop Pendant 天然金曜石水滴吊坠

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【Ready Stock】Natural Gold Meteorite Drop Pendant 天然金曜石水滴吊坠 Ratings: 0 - 0 votes

不好意思,先说明一些,我们所销售的产品都是由大师开光及加持了,存货的货是已经有师傅开光及加持了,我们就会按照隔一天就安排发货,如果显示Pre-order,那么是证明我们没有存货,那么需要时间安排开光及加持,为什么需要开光及加持,如果没有开光及加持的水晶,那是装饰或摆件,我们提供所有的水晶都是由佛堂大师加持及开光,有开光的水晶就会有能量。谢谢大家的谅解,买家可以在20-25天内可以收到了,收到货麻烦你们通知我们,我们服务员会安排教你怎么启动您的水晶,谢谢你们的合作, 祝你们美好的一天,感恩有你们。

天然金曜石水滴吊坠 金沙金眼黑曜石辟邪招财可配手链项链男女款 金曜石被认为有抵御和吸收负面能量,护身的功效,常用于占卜和预测未来. 可使人稳重,舒缓压力,心平气和,消除情绪困扰,并可加强行动力,增强领袖魅力、向心力。 金曜石是黑曜石中的极品,可增强生命力,恢复人的精神、体力,对用脑过度的上班族和创意工作者有很好的平衡作用。 可强健肾脏,吸收病气,增进睡眠;对酗酒,抽烟,药品成瘾有改善作用;这种金曜石还有一个特点,就是招财, 黑色的原色极度辟邪, 能强力化解负能量, 金色的眼为招财的功神, 两结合在一起,相得益彰。 通过上面我们对金曜石作用以及金曜石功效的介绍,相信很多朋友都深深的喜欢上了金曜石了吧?

Natural gold meteorite drop pendant gold sand gold eye obsidian evil spirits can be matched with bracelet necklace men and women gold meteorite is believed to have the ability to resist and absorb negative energy, body protection, often used for divination and predict the future. Can make people steady, relieve stress, calm To eliminate emotional distress, and to strengthen the action, enhance the charisma and centripetal force of the leader. The meteorite is the best of obsidian, which can enhance vitality, restore human spirit and physical strength, and have a good balance between office workers and creative workers who use excessive brain. It can strengthen the kidneys, absorb the disease, and improve sleep; it can improve the alcoholism, smoking, and drug addiction; this kind of gold meteorite has a special feature, that is, lucky, the black primary color is extremely evil, and can reinforce negative energy, golden The eyes are the gods of fortune, and the two combine to complement each other. Through the introduction of the effects of the chert and the effect of the chert, I believe that many of my friends have fallen in love with the chert.

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