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【Ready Stock】Natural Martin Eiding Meteorite Rough Stone Bracelet 天然红伊火星丁陨石原石手链

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【Ready Stock】Natural Martin Eiding Meteorite Rough Stone Bracelet 天然红伊火星丁陨石原石手链 Ratings: 0 - 0 votes

The Martian Eidin meteorite is a meteorite that falls and merges with the earth after a celestial fission event, and is the essence of a part of the meteorite that has landed on the earth. The production area is distributed all over the world, in China's Xinjiang, New Mexico, Austria, Czech Republic, and even Antarctica. The colors of the top-grade Idin meteorites are pure fire red and chicken blood red, and most of them are sauce red pink and so on. The structure is diversified, generally porphyritic structure and fine lines, some red color is more uniform, generally after polishing, a small part of the black metal texture is alternated with red elements, and some white crystals are combined. Magnetism is generally weak and non-magnetic, and does not contain heavy metals, so it is one of the best health-preserving meteorites.

The large Eiding meteorite resources are very limited and very rare. The big red color has always been called auspicious color, rich and noble color. The large rough Eiding meteorite can play a good role in warding off evil spirits. For one thing, it is a pure yang substance from the universe, and secondly, red is the color of good fortune .

Special features:
1. The effect of beauty and skin care can make people's skin white and tender, and brighten the complexion to a certain extent.
2. It also has the effect of releasing negative energy. Red Eidin meteorite can regulate the mood and transform bad luck.
3. It also has the effect of enhancing temperament. Wearing Red Eidin on the body can bring out the graceful and charming temperament of a person.
4. It can promote blood circulation and prevent high blood pressure
5. In terms of spirituality, meteorites can open up wisdom, strengthen thoughts, and speed up the fulfillment of ideas.
6. It can strengthen the body's aura and enhance vitality
7. Has a strong ability to ward off evil spirits, block evil spirits, and town houses.

Note: The photos provided are not a choice of one picture of the object, but a selection of sizes and styles. Each pattern is integrated with natural patterns, without any extra processing or modification of the pendant necklace.



1. 美容护肤的功效,能使人的皮肤变得白嫩,在一定程度上提亮肤色。
2. 也具有释放负能量的功效,红伊丁陨石能对人起到调节心绪的作用及轉化惡運。
3. 还具有提升气质的功效,将红伊丁佩戴在身上,可衬托出人身上优雅大方的迷人气质。
4. 可以促进血液循环,预防高血压
5. 靈性方面,隕石能開啟智慧,增強念力,加快心想事成
6. 可强化人體氣場,增强活力
7. 具有强大的辟邪能力,擋煞、镇宅。

注意: 照片所提供不是一图一物选择,而是提供尺寸及款型选择的照片,每一款都花纹融合都是天然,没有任何加工及改造挂坠项链。

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