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【Ready Stock】Natural Pietersite Crystal Bracelet 天然彼得石水晶手链

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【Ready Stock】Natural Pietersite Crystal Bracelet 天然彼得石水晶手链 Ratings: 0 - 0 votes

Pietersite is a variant of tiger's eye stone, collectively called (pietersite) internationally, and also called "tempest gem". Pietersite presents a cat's eye effect gem, which has a silky luster pattern in the gem, and then presents a reflective effect, that is, cat's eye. effect. Pietersite is a series of colorful ore bodies formed due to the difference in its growth environment and the trace elements contained. The more common ones are brown-yellow ore, while the blue-gray and red-brown are a few, among which the eyeliner is clear. , Bright, complete, good gloss and clear lines, no impurities on the stone, uniform texture and color are the best. In general, there are very few jadeites, because everyone prefers to see the unique brilliance of the surface of Pietersite!

The efficacy and function of Pietersite
1. Pietersite psychotherapy and energy balance. Pietersite can stimulate the human body's potential and enhance people's anticipation of the future. The gold-based Pietersite sun chakra; the dark blue peterstone will activate the human body's third eye chakra. The activation of all aspects of the human body's chakras will help people's total predictive ability.

2. can adjust the magnetic field around people, eliminate negative sexual energy, enhance positive energy, so that people can withdraw from anxiety and depression, regain hope for the future, and face life positively.

3. can inspire people's self-confidence and courage, make them more self-persistent, be solid and reliable at work, be able to give full play to their strengths, realize their life value in work and study, and also be able to face risks and depressions. , Stick to yourself, bottom out and rebound.

4. can stimulate positive energy in the human body, help people relieve physical pain, heal chronic diseases, and help the solar plexus to function better, especially for some stress-related diseases, such as headaches and chronic stomach diseases. , Anxiety and depression, all have a certain relief effect.

5. The energy of Pietersite can protect the soul. In the event of a major accident or extreme weather, it can calm people without being stimulated by external forces, and can still maintain a calm and calm heart in harsh environments.


1. 精神疗法和能量平衡。彼得石能激发人体的潜能,能增强人们对未来的预判。以金色为主的彼得石能激活第二第三脉轮,太阳脉轮;深蓝色的彼得石将激活人体的第三眼脉轮。人体各方面脉轮的激活有助于人们总和预判能力的提高。

2. 可以调整人周围的磁场,消除负性能量,增强正能量,使人从不安沮丧的心情中抽离出来,重新鼓起对未来的希望,积极面对生活。

3. 能够激发人的自信和勇气,使人更加坚持自我,在工作中坚实而可靠,能够发挥自己所长,在工作学习中实现自己的人生价值,也能在风险来临,失落低谷中,坚守自我,触底反弹。

4. 可以激发人体内的正能量,帮助人缓解身体疼痛,疗愈慢性疾病,有助于太阳神经丛更好的发挥作用,特别是对一些与压力有关的疾病,如头痛、慢性胃病、焦虑抑郁,都有一定的缓解效果。

5. 周身的能量可以保护人的心灵,在发生重大事故或者极端恶劣天气中,它可以使人镇静,不受外力刺激,在恶劣的环境中仍能保持一颗沉稳淡静的心。

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