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【Ready Stock】Natural Red Tiger Eye Bracelet 天然红虎石手链

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Red tiger's eye is one of the more special ones, and it is closely related to women's health.

1. Women wearing red tiger eye stones can use its energy to regulate female-related gynecological diseases, improve endocrine disorders, promote blood circulation, and improve skin problems;

2. The red tiger's eye is a sun wheel gem. The golden-red color light corresponds to the navel chakra and the sun chakra. It has the function of repurifying and adjusting the discomfort of the body after overeating, and it can bring a warm feeling to the body, which can quickly improve cold symptoms, asthma and bronchitis, and also It can use her own energy to strengthen the joints and bones, soothe and calm the metabolic nervous system; the red tiger eye stone represents a strong vitality, and the child can stay away from diseases and enhance resistance after wearing it.

3. People who want to make a breakthrough in their careers are most suitable to wear the red tiger eye stone. Red symbolizes the prosperity of the business, which means that the career is prosperous. It can help people understand self-discipline, relieve pressure and achieve their goals; as we all know, wearing a tiger Eye stones can not only strengthen the body, but also reduce mental stress and relax well.

According to the different trace elements it contains, it is divided into red, blue and yellow tiger eye stones. Red tiger eye is relatively rare, so it is difficult to buy genuine products. Compared with other colors of tiger eye, red tiger eye has different effects. Let me briefly introduce red tiger eye. What are the unique effects of the stone and wearing it.

The red tiger eye stone looks reddish brown to the naked eye, which is very suitable for young women to wear. Not only Zhang Xian's personality, but more importantly, it can reflect the beauty of women, and it has great benefits for improving the physical condition.

Compared with other tiger's eyes, the red tiger's eye stone is different in that it can improve the condition of the respiratory system, has an effect on colds and tracheal diseases, and at the same time strengthens the flexibility of the joints. Because red represents enthusiasm and bravery, wearing red tiger eye can overcome your timidity and improve your indecision and other bad aspects. The red tiger eye stone represents a strong vitality. After children wear it, it can keep disease away and enhance resistance.。


1. 女性佩戴红虎眼石,可以借助其能量来调节女性相关的妇科病,可以改善内分泌失调,促进血液循环,改善皮肤等问题;

2. 红虎眼石是太阳轮宝石。金红色的色光对应脐轮也对应太阳轮,对暴饮暴食后身体的不适有重新净化及调整的功能,并可为身体带来温暖的感觉,可迅速改善感冒症状及哮喘与支气管炎,也能运用她本身的能量加强关节与骨胳,安抚镇定新陈代谢的神经系统;红虎眼石代表了强大的生命力,小孩子佩戴后能使疾病远离,增强抵抗力.

3.  想要在事业上有所突破的人,最适合佩戴红虎眼石了,红象征着红红火火,寓意着事业蒸蒸日上,它能够助人懂得自律,化解压力达成愿望目标;众所周知,佩戴虎眼石不仅能强身健体,更能减轻精神压力,得到很好的放松。而虎眼石的种类多种多样,



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