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【Ready Stock】Natural Yellow Tiger Eye Bracelet 天然黄虎眼石手链 猫眼虎睛石手串 开运辟邪招财

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【Ready Stock】Natural Yellow Tiger Eye Bracelet 天然黄虎眼石手链 猫眼虎睛石手串 开运辟邪招财 Ratings: 0 - 0 votes

The efficacy and function of yellow tiger's eye
1. The golden yellow tiger eye stone is also a symbol of wealth, which helps to attract unexpected wealth or partial wealth.
2. The yellow tiger's eye stone is regarded by the Indians as the most noble symbol of the holy stone. The ore is the industrial rock, so it has neatly arranged crystals, and then reflects the bright light like a cat's eye. It is generally black and yellow in color, like a tiger. The lines.
3. Yellow tiger eye stone can prevent depression and psychosomatic disorders, and can inspire courage. It enables people to do things consistently, and to be able to adhere to principles; it can also strengthen the vitality of the body, and is suitable for patients who are frail and sick or who have just recovered.
4. Bring confidence, people who are not strong and decisive, and can encourage creative pursuit, calmness and balance.
5. It can treat lower limb diseases and eye diseases.
6. It can cure digestive system diseases, especially those tiger's eye stones that are caused by nerves. The golden color of the tiger's eye corresponds to the sun chakra and the umbilical chakra. It has the function of purifying and adjusting the discomfort of the body after overeating, and can be used for The body brings a feeling of warmth, which can quickly improve cold symptoms, asthma and bronchitis. It can also use its own energy to strengthen joints and bones, soothe and calm the nervous system.
7. Vigorous energy like a tiger’s eye can make it easier for people to make breakthroughs in their careers. Knowing about self-discipline, relieving pressure to achieve goals, and living a happy life, can also improve concentration and concentration, keep the mind clear, and make thinking flexible.


1. 金黄色的黄虎眼石也是财富的象征, 有助于招来意想不到的财富或偏财。
2. 黄虎眼石被印度人视为最尊贵象征的圣石, 矿石为业岩,因此有着排列整齐的结晶, 进而反射出如猫眼般的璀璨光芒,一般为黑黄相间的色泽,象老虎的纹路。
3. 黄虎眼石能防止产生忧郁症及身心症, 并可激发人的勇气。使人做事能贯彻始终, 做人能坚守原则; 亦可加强肉体生命力, 适合体弱多病、或刚痊愈的病人配戴。
4. 带来信心, 个性欠坚强果断的人,而且能鼓励创意的追求、冷静及平衡。
5. 能治疗下肢的疾病, 也能治疗眼疾。
6. 能治好消化系统疾病, 尤其那些由于神经而起的虎眼石金黄色的色光对应太阳轮也对应脐轮, 对暴饮暴食后身体的不适有重新净化及调整的功能, 并可为身体带来温暖的感觉, 可迅速改善感冒症状及哮喘与支气管炎, 也能运用它本身的能量加强关节与骨骼,安抚镇定神经系统。
7. 如同虎眼般的活力能量, 可使人更容易在事业上有所突破,
 懂得自律, 化解压力达成目标, 过着幸福快乐的生活, 也可提高注意力与集中力, 保持头脑的清晰,使思维灵活。

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