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【Ready Stock】Pure Barley Green Powder 纯大麦若叶青汁粉末 (1 Box = 50 Sachets)

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【Ready Stock】Pure Barley Green Powder 纯大麦若叶青汁粉末 (1 Box = 50 Sachets) Ratings: 0 - 0 votes

Natural tender seed powder non-ant dietary fiber farm Japanese meal replacement powder authentic

100% green juice 3g x 50 packs
The dietary fiber intake per person per day is 20-35g.
Usually we only get 15-20g from the diet, and often it is 1-3g.

Finished, all, no, there are 639 residual pesticides detected! !

In addition, barley leaves contain carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins and some biologically active substances.
Therefore, green juice is suitable for both men and women, and can be supplemented daily as a natural nutrient. Particularly suitable for:

1) The body is acidic, should balance the body's pH value, neutralize the body of acidic toxins;
2) People who are not getting enough fresh vegetables every day;
3) People who often eat out and eat fast food outside;
4) Poor sleep, lack of energy, and often feel tired;
5) Debilitating, anemia and people who wish to supplement natural vitamins;
6) Osteoporosis and the need for minerals such as calcium and potassium;
7) People with too much toxins in the body due to improper diet and living habits;
8) People who are in need of weight loss and who need a balanced diet;
9) Too much alcohol and tobacco, and hope to improve the bad breath;
10) People with too much stomach acid, poor stomach or constipation;
11) I hope to reduce the side effects of long-term Chinese and Western medicine on the body.

Can be mixed with drinks, ice cream, juice, milk, etc.! ! Match it with your preferences!


100% 青汁 3g x 50包



1) 体质偏酸,应该平衡身体酸碱值,中和体内酸性毒素人群;
2) 每天新鲜蔬菜摄入不足的人群;
3) 经常在外就餐、进食快餐的人群;
4) 睡眠差,精力不振,经常感觉疲劳人士;
5) 身体虚弱,贫血及希望补充天然维生素人群;
6) 骨质疏松及需要补钙、钾等矿物质人士;
7) 因饮食及生活习惯不当,体内毒素过多人群;
8) 正在进行减重的需要均衡饮食配合的人群;
9) 烟酒过多、希望改善痰多口臭者;
10) 胃酸过多、肠胃差或易便秘人士;
11) 希望减轻长期服中西药对身体的副作用者。


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