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Rainbow Eye Obsidian Relic Bottle Tower Pendant 彩虹眼黑曜石舍利子瓶塔吊坠 转运珠挂件

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Rainbow Eye Obsidian Relic Bottle Tower Pendant 彩虹眼黑曜石舍利子瓶塔吊坠 转运珠挂件 Ratings: 0 - 0 votes

Rainbow-eyed obsidian and golden obsidian are the best varieties of obsidian. Rainbow-eyed obsidian is a natural formation of many colored circles on the basis of full moon cat’s eye obsidian. The more colors, the rarer, the better the quality, and the more loved by the majority of fans. The common rainbow-eyed obsidian mostly appears with several colors, and even more so sometimes it can appear dozens of colors at the same time. The diversity of colors is loved by the majority of consumers. In addition, the factor that people love it is its unique function. Since it is a member of obsidian, it can be used universally. The picture below shows the best rainbow eye obsidian.

The efficacy and function of rainbow eye obsidian
1. The energy is very powerful, and it has the effect of preventing evil and evil; usually wearing rainbow eye obsidian in hospitals, cemeteries and other places with heavy energy is very effective. Its magnetic field energy is very absorbable and can bring the human body back Of negative energy absorbed;

2. It is especially suitable for people who also change to work or who often walk at night. It can transform bad luck and avoid bad things up close; it is an excellent amulet and evil spirit;

3. Energy can also strengthen the blood circulation in the body and improve the symptoms of weak qi deficiency; in addition, it is very helpful for friends with poor sleep quality. Wearing rainbow eye obsidian can treat insomnia and improve sleep quality;

4. It has the ability to enhance vitality, restore physical strength and spirit. For people who often use their brains and go to night shifts, wearing rainbow eye obsidian can restore refreshing vitality and quickly enter the busy and busy work of the next day; for For women, wearing rainbow eye obsidian can prevent the interference of the opposite sex and improve luck;

5. Can play a role in removing unpleasant musty smell and bad smell;

6. Leaders wear rainbow-eyed obsidian, which can make people stable, relieve stress, calm down, and eliminate emotional distress. At the same time, they can also use rainbow-eyed obsidian to strengthen mobility, increase leadership charm, centripetal force, and help career and money. So it is also called "the leader's stone";

7. It can improve alcoholism, smoking and drug addiction.


1. 能量非常强劲有力,极具避邪化煞之功效;通常出入医院、墓地等负能量重的场合佩戴彩虹眼黑曜石是非常有作用的,它的磁场能量极具吸纳性,能将人体带回的负性能量吸纳掉;

2. 特适合也变工作或经常走夜路的人佩戴,能起到逢凶化吉、避免不好的东西近身;是极好的护身符、辟邪物;

3. 能量同时还具有加强体内血液循环、改善体弱气虚症状;另外对于睡眠质量低下的朋友来说非常有帮助,佩戴彩虹眼黑曜石可以治疗失眠症,改善睡眠质量;

4. 具有增强生命力、恢复体力、精神,对于经常动脑、上夜班的人来说,佩戴彩虹眼黑曜石可以起到恢复神清气爽的活力,迅速进入第二天紧张忙碌的工作中去;对于女性来说,佩戴彩虹眼黑曜石可以达到防止不良异性的干扰入侵,改善运气;

5. 可以起到去除难闻霉味与晦气的作用;

6. 领导者佩戴彩虹眼黑曜石,可以使人稳重、舒缓压力、心平气和、消除情绪困扰,同时还可以借助彩虹眼黑曜石来加强行动力、增加领袖魅力、向心力、对事业金钱运都有所以帮助,所以也称“领袖之石”;

7. 对酗酒、抽烟、药品成瘾有改善的作用。

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