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Sweet-Scented Osmanthus Honey Hand-Made Flower Sauce Jam 桂花蜜酿手工鲜花酱果酱 480g

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Sweet-Scented Osmanthus Honey Hand-Made Flower Sauce Jam 桂花蜜酿手工鲜花酱果酱 480g Ratings: 0 - 0 votes


保质期 : 365天
净含量 : 480g
系列 : 手制


  桂花茶温补阳气之功效。 主治:阳气虚弱型高血压病。症见眩晕,头晕,腰痛,畏寒肢冷,大便溏,小便清长,舌质淡,苔白,脉沉细桂花茶对于口臭、视觉不明、荨麻疹、十二指肠溃疡、胃寒胃疼有预防和治疗作用.

Osmanthus fragrans is harvested, air-dried, carefully selected and hand-brewed with pure honey. It is now available in a single system without any preservatives or additives.
Osmanthus in the ancients believed that the length of white medicine. Osmanthus fragrans is used in food and cosmetics, can be made into cakes, candies, and can be made.
Acacia honey is honey collected from the artichoke flower. It is more easily absorbed by the body than sucrose. It can be absorbed by the body without digestion.

Shelf life: 365 days
Net content : 480g
Series : Handmade

Osmanthus main effect:-
The effect of osmanthus tea is to warm up the yang, whiten the skin, relieve the toxins in the body, relieve cough and phlegm, and nourish the lungs. The role of osmanthus tea is to relax the spirit, nourish the yin and lungs, purify the body and mind, balance the nervous system.

The effect of sweet-scented osmanthus tea on warming yang. Indications: yang deficiency and hypertension. Symptoms of dizziness, dizziness, low back pain, chills and cold limbs, loose stools, long urine, pale tongue, white fur, fine pulse Osmanthus tea has preventive and therapeutic effects on bad breath, unclear vision, urticaria, duodenal ulcer, stomach cold stomach pain

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