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【Ready Stock】The Secret Method of Recruiting Wealthy People 风水推荐九环珠宝盆 招金贵人秘法招财贵人

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【Ready Stock】The Secret Method of Recruiting Wealthy People 风水推荐九环珠宝盆 招金贵人秘法招财贵人 Ratings: 0 - 0 votes







The spiritual effect of the nine-ring jewelry basin is also very strong. The nine-ring jewellery basin is the nine crystal balls pure natural and white crystal crushed stones will be in the Temple of Wealth and the land to ask for wealth. Those who have spent incense are placed in the treasure basin, which can have savings, wealth, fortune, and nobles. And the role of wealth growth. The use of a golden lotus on the base is a symbol of strong qi, vigor, auspiciousness, and auspiciousness. Using golden lotus can bring wealth and good luck.

The white crystal ball is one of the seven treasures of Buddhism, also known as the "Mani Orb". If there is a white crystal ball blessed by the Dharma, its stable magnetic field is more stable and concentrated after the influence of the Dharma.

The role of feng shui is very powerful. It is helpful for wealth. If you put the white crystal ball on the financial position of your home or office, it can greatly improve your personal wealth. It can make your wealth prosperous, and you will be promoted. It will be smooth sailing. . And the nine-ring jewellery basin in our shop is blessed by a unique master, and nine white crystal balls together, there will be fortune, recruiting, strengthening the magnetic field, increasing concentration and improving feng shui.

After receiving this product, please inform the waiter in our shop, and we will arrange for a small master to provide the activation and display of the nine-ring jewelry basin. If you have any questions, you can always ask the waiter to provide details and understanding.

Detailed nine-ring jewelry basin decoration
Treasure Basin: Rich Treasure Basin
Material Treasure: Glass
Crystal: natural white crystal ball, natural white crystal crushed stone
Base: Golden Lotus
Efficacy: recruiting noble people, recruiting wealth, strengthening magnetic field, increasing concentration and improving Feng Shui

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