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【Ready Stock】Ultrasonic EMS Slimming Instrument Infrared Fat 超声波美容仪器导入EMS纤体仪红外线爆脂仪

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【Ready Stock】Ultrasonic EMS Slimming Instrument Infrared Fat 超声波美容仪器导入EMS纤体仪红外线爆脂仪 Ratings: 0 - 0 votes

Ultrasonic MES Slimming Instrument Infrared Fat  \


Customers Testimonials 

Taiwanese actress Yule, she recently launched her new song, her body shaped has improved ~ Yule used two months to shed her tummy off with완벽한 몸 Fitness Shaper , which disappeared for six years, this is so amazing!!  

The flabby round belly turned into fit and slim abdominal muscle, and the sexy narrow waistline , and the size of the legs was about half! And she shared that in addition to the control of diet, the key to slimming is to use "완벽한 몸 Fitness Shaper " everyday.

Ms. Chen, who has been unable to lose weight after childbirth, lost 15 pounds after 15 days of use, and her flat was gone. She succeeded in making a small waist. 

It’s a great surprise! I took a picture and showed it to everyone. The picture below was taken on the 15th day. 

This is Mr. Lee from Singapore. He started to have a beer belly ten years ago. It took almost 2 weeks and now he looks at least 10 years younger.

Why is this innovative beauty tool so popular? 

Beauty is human nature!This beauty tool is currently the latest and most popular beauty must-have as people in the US have implied.완벽한 몸  Fitness Shaper reduces fat fast and is comparable to the main principles of EMS slimming instrument found in beauty salons, only difference is that you can actually use it right in your home.With an ultrawave vibration of 1,000,000 times per second, it can stimulate and regulate the cell membrane as deep as 5-6 cm under the skin to increase skin permeability. The ultrasonic wave massage can stimulate the skin cells and restore the skin's elasticity. 

Perfect for anybody who wants to lose weight effectively. A solution for most of us who don’t have the time to go for a run or go to the gym or afford invasive body treatment.



The ultrawave massage can burst the fat and tighten your skin with no rebound.

The infrared ray can restore the elasticity of skin and active cellular restoration thoroughly.

5 Modes of EMS (Tapping, Massage, Knead, Scrapping, Slimming) 

5 intensity selection, freely choose one make you feel comfortable. 



Both for face and body use. The mini and stylish design makes it convenient to carry and easy to use.

Quickly and effectively reduce and give relief from severe chronic back pains and other body pains.

The infrared ray can restore the elasticity and active the cells.

Ultrasonic technology tightens the skin and burns the fat. Causes a normal warm feeling to your skin.


Treatment for skin and body slimming. Infrared heat therapy device for perfect skin rejuvenation. Regulates internal secretion and acceleration of fat burning.

Helps in reducing spot and melanin, improves skin nutrition, accelerates cell production and cell activation,stimulates blood circulation.

Reshape your body , thighs, arms, tummy, and other areas. Firming your skin while reducing cellulite throughout your body.

Eliminating body fats will improve your health and will enhance your body performance.

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