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【Ready Stock】VB Magic Amethyst Backbone Scepter 紫晶骨幹權杖

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【Ready Stock】VB Magic Amethyst Backbone Scepter 紫晶骨幹權杖 Ratings: 0 - 0 votes

The amethyst master "wisdom" and "wealth" placed in the home of amethyst can attract wealth. Amethyst can also help develop wisdom, help thinking, concentrate thoughts, increase memory, and transform negative energy into love energy. And it can increase the vitality of brain cells and the operation of the brain. For students and office workers who need to use their brains for a long time, amethyst is an indispensable crystal gem tool. On the physical side, amethyst can relieve headaches and migraines, get rid of nightmares and improve insomnia.

🏆Scepter crystal is a powerful crystal that can focus and expand high-level spiritual energy to help solve problems or heal. It is said that the scepter crystal can give the user the courage to take action, and let people understand the true self and the true path that one should take.

🏆If you carefully observe the inside of the crystal, you will find that there are layers of pyramid phantoms or "ghosts" inside the crystal. Phantom Pyramid Quartz symbolizes cosmic consciousness and each stage of the life cycle, and can heal the earth at the same time. The ghost crystal can be used to promote inner growth, understand and solve the problems of the past in life. It is said that the use of ghost crystals for meditation can help bring the hidden inner information and suppressed memories to the surface, so that they can be properly processed and completely released. Life brings transformation. In addition, there are rainbows inside the crystals. Crystals with rainbows are believed to bring hope and happiness.




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